Channeling the Cosmos: Flow Lessons from Mercury

by Laura Blakeman April 22, 2014

 Mercury is the first in our recitation of planets, and it is often the playful properties of Mercury that we unconsciously channel as we initiate ourselves in our individual hoop journeys.  We can sum up these energies in 3 Cs—Curiosity, Communication, and “Core”-dination.

Curiosity is the initial spark that illuminates our desire to hoop.  No doubt you saw someone else hooping—at a festival, in their front yard, on the beach—and you thought “What are they doing?!” or “How can I do that?!” Close on the tail of curiosity is communication, the first stage of which is usually verbal--simply asking the questions and creating the conversations that bring us into the hoop community.

Yet the essence of communication here is in our expression.  The hoop becomes a medium through which we express ourselves—all the emotions that defy words suddenly take the form of play as we dance with the hoop. And if we create the space to listen, we discover that the hidden energies of the cosmos are speaking back to us through the hoop.  We refer to this communication between our individual energies and those of the larger cosmos as being in the “flow.”

Curiosity insists that we continue this dialogue, as we find a new vocabulary through which to communicate our innermost essence, propelling us to partner practice with play.  As this new form of expression courses through our bodies, we are required to refine the communication skills within our own body, otherwise known as our coordination.  “Core”-dination is simply a new spin on this concept, as all our movements originate first from the core and radiate outward from there.  We have all experienced the strengthening of core muscles that is an essential component to elevating our hoop play!

If you are experiencing a block in your flow, identify the issue and see if it may relate to one of the 3 Cs.  Perhaps you have plateaued with tricks and need to re-stimulate your curiosity to expand your vocabulary.  Perhaps you have lost yourself in mimicking the hoop style of others and need to invest in your own unique voice to communicate your individual flow.  Or maybe you simply need to practice drills, developing your core-dination, just as your would practice proper pronunciation of a foreign word.  

Before your next practice, sit in meditation and channel the energies of Mercury, Roman name for the Greek god Hermes—the mischievous messenger of the gods.  And remember, Mercury is in close association with the Sun.  Make the inquiry of Mercury, and it will deliver a message straight from the Source.


- Content submission by Dawn Anderoni of Lake Tahoe, CA


Laura Blakeman
Laura Blakeman


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