Win $70 Store Credit, 1:50 ODDS!

by Able Jones January 12, 2016

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Free Mini Hoops (30-day offer)

by Morgan Siem October 23, 2015

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Support your habit, earn FREE Synergy product!

by Able Jones October 12, 2015

Are you earning free Synergy product?

You make hooping look good. Do your friends ask you to show them a few moves? Do they ask you where they can get their own hoop? If so, you're an ambassador and should be rewarded.
Here's how it works:  You refer sales (using your custom link), and we pay you 20% of each sale in store credit. Boom. That's it.
Meaning, for every 5 hoop sales you refer, you get one for free...  For every 5 Quick Wicks you help sell, you get one for free...  And so on... get it? 
Sign up, log in and get tips on how to maximize your earning potential here.
For inspiration on how to do this really successfully, take a look at how one of our top ambassadors does it: Ann Humphreys links from her website to a personalized collection at This gives her customers & clients her personal recommendation, so they're not trying to navigate their first hoop purchase on their own.  Email us for information on having a personalized collection & landing spot at

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New Hoopdance Video and A Personal Invitation...

by Able Jones August 13, 2015

Summer Sure is SPICY!

And with all the juicy flow going on from Burning Man to Electric Forest, right down to your backyard, we've recommitted ourselves to connecting and sharing our experiences more often on Facebook and Instagram. We'd like to invite YOU personally to meet us there as we play and share in the world of flow. We'd love to hear your voice, your favorite flow shots and videos, and hear requests and feedback on your favorite Synergy gear.

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Big Love and Thanks to Electric Forest + New Video by Miss 360!

by Able Jones July 06, 2015

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Synergy now offers FREE SHIPPING on all DOMESTIC ORDERS!

by Able Jones June 03, 2015

FREE Shipping on Domestic (U.S.) Orders and International Orders Over $400.

 Delivery Options:

- Free Shipping (USPS 2-3 Delivery)

- USPS Express (Next delivery day)

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Spring Cleaning SALE

by Laura Blakeman April 27, 2015

Spring Cleaning SALE! Save an additional 10% on our entire ALREADY DISCOUNTED Pre-made, In-stock items!

USE Coupon Code: SPRING
Expires April 30th @ midnight EST


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Stunning Hoopdance Video with Luna Breeze

by Laura Blakeman March 02, 2015

This gorgeous video featuring Luna Breeze and Synergy Pro-Taped Hoops was filmed at the In-Depth Hoop Retreat held annually on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shot and edited by Paul Chandler Photography.

Check it out and let yourself be carried by the beauty and majesty of Luna's multiple hoop skills and the rhythm of the Hawaiian Islands!

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Get 10% off all Firehoops and QuickWicks!

by Laura Blakeman January 29, 2015

This Synergy Meme features Luna Breeze of Portland, Oregon. She performs and trains hoops full-time with Pendulum Aerial Arts. Check her out!

Steal of the Week : Get 10% off all Firehoops and Quickwicks from Synergy FlowArts. Now through February 7th at midnight. Use the coupon code HAWT at checkout.*

*Does not apply retroactively to orders already placed.

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Video of the Week : Dark Clouds Become Rainbows

by Laura Blakeman December 17, 2014

Rainbow Michael Rocks Synergy's World


Special Promotions :

8% off all Gift Cards NOW through midnight on Xmas day EST!

Still time left for last-minute holiday shopping! Order from our pre-made / in-stock collections by midnight 12/17 for delivery by 12/24 (U.S. 48) Hoops, Firehoops, Staffs & more!

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by Scott Crews December 11, 2014

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by Laura Blakeman November 27, 2014

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Make Any Beginner Hoop a Collapsible Hoop - DIY : Black Tubing

by Laura Blakeman October 22, 2014

Greetings Synergy Fans and Friends,

As DIY peeps ourselves, we've made it our mission to create the best base tools for at-home hoop crafting that we possibly can. Check out the following video to see how you can make any beginner black tubing hoop, a collapsible hoop with a smooth, snug, and simple connector. Now available on the Synergy web store.

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Malcolm Stuart ~ GO NEON + Fall Equinox Discount Code

by Laura Blakeman September 16, 2014

Synergy artist Malcolm Stuart shows us his unique style of hooping in some cool locations around Carrboro NC. Check it out + grab a coupon for all of our polypro hoops!

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Dustin Hubel Slaying the Minis + End of Summer SALE

by Laura Blakeman August 13, 2014

Greetings Flow Fans and Artists! Check out this incredible video of Mini Hoop Pioneer Dustin Hubel and prepare to be inspired... Then scroll down to get the coupon codes for our End of Summer Sale.

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Enter to Win a FREE Copy of the Hooping Life Signed by Basement Jaxx!

by Laura Blakeman May 16, 2014

We have teamed up with the Hooping Life to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a FREE copy of the DVD, The Hooping Life, signed by soundtrack artist and well-known musician Basement Jaxx. And the best part? It's REALLY EASY to enter. ALL orders of $50 or more, placed between NOW and May 31st will be automatically entered and the winner will chosen via a random drawing.

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Reverse your Current to Refresh your Flow

by Laura Blakeman May 13, 2014 1 Comment

As we develop our flow play through practice, we become aware that the art of learning is not always a steady upward curve.  Sometimes we learn new skills with amazing speed and efficiency of effort. Sometimes it is a much longer and arduous process.  From time to time we plateau, unable--it seems—to grow our practice at all.  And then there’s those days where you put down your hoop and wonder woefully how on earth you could be worse at hooping than the day before!

Our bodies have an incredible control center—the brain—which initiates all movement in the body. This is accomplished through electrical signals which travel along neural pathways.  Over time, repetitive movements reinforce these pathways, and many movements we make become nearly automatic.  This is excellent for efficiency, but can hamper our creativity and ability to handle novelty.

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Channeling the Cosmos: Flow Lessons from Mercury

by Laura Blakeman April 22, 2014

Mercury is the first in our recitation of planets, and it is often the playful properties of Mercury that we unconsciously channel as we initiate ourselves in our individual hoop journeys.  We can sum up these energies in 3 Cs—Curiosity, Communication, and “Core”-dination.

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Synergy Marketing INTERN Call!

by Laura Blakeman November 16, 2013

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Synergy FlowArts Photo Contest

by Laura Blakeman October 22, 2013

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Killin' it like NINJA HOOPS!

by Laura Blakeman May 31, 2013 1 Comment

Ninja Hoops is a traveling hula-hoop duo based out of Oakland, CA. Their distinctive hooping style incorporates elements of martial arts, classical acrobatics, and silly clowning. Their mission? Teaching people of all ages how to free their bodies, hearts and minds, through empowered play.  Formed in 2010, Zach and Marria have taught and performed at events across North America and Europe.  Their act is recognized for combining  hooping, acrobatics, and partner flips in an inspirational display of their unique talents and their solid connection.

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Synergy Rocks Bali!

by Laura Blakeman April 07, 2013

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FREE shipping on Domestic Orders!

by Laura Blakeman March 05, 2013

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Win a Free Ticket to Hoop Convergence!

by Laura Blakeman February 26, 2013

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