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Q: Where can I find information about tubing types?

A:  Right here at our tubing page.

Q: Do you have travel hoops?

A: Yes, all of our hoops are travel hoops, featuring an incredibly sturdy yet lightweight push-button connector for easy coiling.  Single /individual hoops are shipped with a 'coiling extender' which is a tubing-extension which allows you to coil your hoop down into 2 loops, which isn't necessary for travel, but it nice on occasion when you need to coil a hoop or firehoop.  Twin hoops do not need an appendage because they can attach together and coil down to 3 loops on their own.  The coiled hoop(s) end up reducing to about 2/3 of the original size.  All of our hoops & firehoops are available in sectional designs, breaking down to 3 - 5 sections for easy transport.

Our firehoops feature a removable-spine option.  These are the most state-of-the art design available anywhere.  Super sturdy yet as light as can be.  With the spines removed, these hoops are so much like regular hoops that you may fall in love them as your regular go-to hoops.  

Another option for fire is The Quick Wick®; the original clamp-on fire wick.  Turn any regular hoop into a firehoop!  The Quick Wick clamps on to (and off) of any hoop, providing the quickest solution for a firehoop and a simple solution for travel.  Plus, you have the flexibility of having a firehoop with as few or as many wicks as you want, not to mention the ability to use them on different sized hoops.  

Q: I'm a new firehooper, how do I choose the right hoop for me?

A: Our shtick has always been to produce firehoops that are as close to the weight/response of your regular hoop as possible. When deciding, think about your regular hoop. What is it made out of? How heavy is it? How flexible? What size diameter?  We recommend choosing a diameter size slightly smaller than your regular hoop to make up for the clearance lost in spine length. The added weight of the wicks make the transition unnoticeable and you'll have a tool you can grow into. And then there is wick size: bigger wick = bigger flame (plus added weight). Easy peasy.

Q: What is the difference in burn-time between the 1",  1.5" and 2" wicks?

A: Depending on your fuel choice (we recommend a mixture of white gas (camp fuel) with 99% Smokeless & Odorless lamp oil for longer burn-time), the 1" wicks last around 4 minutes, the 1.5" around 5 minutes, and 2" around 6 minutes.  However, wick size has less to do with burn-time when compared to flame size.  The bigger the wick, the bigger the flame.

Q: What spine length is best for me?

A: Shorter spines = greater danger, but more clearance. By clearance, we mean the overall diameter of the firehoop including the length of the spine.  By danger, we mean your tubing (you must keep the fire moving as to not melt the hoop).  Longer spines keep the flame further away from the tubing, but extend the overall diameter of your hoop, giving you less clearance, especially on the vertical plane. 

Q: How many wicks should I get?

A: We offer our firehoops in 5 or 6 wick versions.  Six wick firehoops will be heavier and will have less space in between each wick for handling the hoop.  If you'd like a firehoop with 3, 4 or 44 wicks, you may want to check out the The Quick Wick®.

Q: Can I use my new lit firehoop in a sexy photoshoot?

A: Although we LOVE sexy photos, the thought of holding a pose with a lit firehoop while a finicky photographer learns the difficulties of shooting fire makes us cringe a bit in motherly reaction. Remember that movement shots are always better than stills, which are the the number one cause of melted firehoops!



Q: Shoot!  I got the wrong size Quick Wicks, can I exchange them?

A:  Yes, you can, as long as the Quick Wicks have not been used (burnt), they can be swapped out for the correct size.  If the Quick Wicks are returned bent-out--of-shape due to trying to clamp them on bigger/smaller tubings, we will ask for a 10% restocking fee.  Go to the Warranty, Returns & Exchanges page for instructions.

Q: Where is the information about the Half-price Replacement Policy for broken Quick Wicks?

A. Kindly see our Warranty, Returns & Exchanges page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us



Q: How do I choose the right size staff?

A.  In general, the length of the staff should come to just under your chin. For a person 5'9" and up, a 5' staff is recommended.  

  • The 5/8" staff is the thinnest and lightest staff we carry. It is the fastest moving of the line and prefered by advance staff spinners.
  • The 3/4" is our most popular contact staff tube for both weight, size and speed.
  • The 7/8" is the most durable and slow moving of our staffs. Great for beginners.



Q: I'm interested in re-selling!  How can I get a wholesale pricelist?

A. Email Scott with a short description of your business and what you're seeking.


The Synergy Ambassador Program:

Q: How do I automatically earn 20% with my Referral Link?

A. Find everything you need to know here.



Q: How long does it take?  How much are the shipping rates?  Do you ship internationally?  Is there an option to pick-up my order at the Synergy FlowArts HQ in Carrboro, NC?

A. Check out our detailed Shipping Info page.

Q: My instrument is in need of repair.. where should I start?

A: Our Warranty page also has information about repair services.

Q: Do you take custom requests?

A: Sure do. Simply email with the details of your request. We'll come up with a quote and get right back to you. Keep in mind that some custom requests will be outside of the designs we have tested for safety, durability and performance, so a custom order may fall outside of our warranty policy.

Q: What are your general warranty and returns policies?

A. We offer a limited one-year warranty. Take a look here for more details and for return/exchange information.



Q: How do I turn it on?

A. We really did get that question once! Hopefully you have a community of spinners around you. Mentors in the art that are willing to take you through the ins and outs of safe firedance. Either way, check out our Fire Safety page and our Resources page for great places to start. Don't hesitate to ask questions. The safety of you, others around you and the environment around you are of utmost importance!


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