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The Synergy Ambassador Program

Earn 20% commission of every order placed by a new customer you refer!


--> Log in to your Ambassador account <--

New? Here's how it works:

  • Refer friends to using your personal Ambassador link (URL)
  • Earn 20% commission on every order place by a new customer
  • It's automatic, easy and FREE
Redeem your credit anytime for a Synergy Gift Card.  
Place your link everywhere:
  • Email signature
  • Website or blog
  • Facebook profile
  • Instagram bio
  • Other social platforms
  • YouTube video descriptions !
  • Business card or promo material

Get creative!  Don't forget you can embed your link in a word like this.

The more you share your link, the more you earn.

How do I become a Synergy Ambassador?
Upon placing your first order at Synergy FlowArts, you'll receive an email with login credentials for our Ambassador program.  Once in, you'll find your personal Ambassador Link to share & embed into your website, blog, emails, social media, business cards... anywhere - earning you 20% commission on orders placed by new customers, automatically.

When people click your link, they are taken directly to
and their order will be accredited to you!

How do I change my link from
to something memorable like  ?
Here's how:
  • Log in and navigate to your account info section
  • Enter your own memorable id as your "username" 
  • Mash SAVE, go to your dashboard and REFRESH!

Tips to make your Ambassador Link perform its best:

  • Include your link in email signatures, blogs, newsletters, websites, business cards, facebook, twitter, instagram, personal messages work the best!
  • Share the news about sales from our newsletter (sign up below)
  • Personalize your Ambassador Link by changing it to your name
  • Mention free shipping $49+
  • Embed your link into images like the Synergy logo (below) or pictures that say somewthing like "shop here"
  • Link a section for "Shop" on your website and embed your Ambassador Link
  • Use the different campaigns available in Ambassador to link to specific products
  • Spotlight favorite products in your newsletters
  • Tag Synergy FlowArts in pictures and posts about your flow


Use these Synergy FlowArts images liberally.. 

(make them clickable with your Ambassador Link)




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