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  • Warranty, Returns & Repair

    Synergy FlowArts shop 

    We stand by our products, behind them and inside them.
    They're built to last, and with the right care they will.  

    We are constantly innovating and your feedback is crucial to this process.
    If anything should ever happen, please contact us ...we're here to help. 


    Hoop & Firehoop Warranty
    The Quick Wick® Warranty
    Quick Wick Discounted Replacements
    Returning/Exchanging Items
    Repair Services & Wick Maintenance
    Tips for Mailing Hoops
    Contact Us
    Terms of Purchase




    Hoop & Firehoop Warranty

    First, the fine print... i.e. what the warranty does not cover: 
    Kinked tubing.  Hoop tubing will kink if you bend it or put too much pressure on it.  Whether the hoop gets into the wrong hands or the tubing kinks during coiling, it is the hoop owner's responsibility to thwart this catastrophe.  See the repair section for information about fixing a kink. 

    Melted tubing. We understand the irony of a plastic fire prop, but there is no other kind of firehoop. Yes, you can make a firehoop out of metal tubing (aluminum, titanium, etc), but if you've ever hooped with a metal hoop, you know why they're made out of plastic. It is completely the user's responsibility to avoid melting the tubing

    Broken spines. Our spines are made from stainless steel aircraft cable (aka wire rope). It's the best material for spines. It is rigid but also flexes, absorbs impact and is very hard to break (1,890 lb tensile strength). However, no matter what material it is, steel, plastic, stone, etc... repeated heating & cooling will make any material more brittle. Drops, missed-tosses and other impacts will be what finally break one or two of the strands that make up a steel cable. If a strand breaks, stop using your firehoop and replace the spine. The health and well-being of your spines is completely up to you. We've seen firehoop and Quick Wick spines last indefinitely, so take care of your gear and remember it's not indestructible.  The bright side: spines/wicks are replaceable.  
    Damaged Threads.  Take care when threading your spines into the firehoop so that you do not cross-thread.  This will damage the internal threading of the inserts.  These are like every other screw-into-a-nut situation, you must line it up straight.  If your threads don't catch nicely, back-out and try again. Do not force it.
    Wick. This is the material that is consumable (intentionally and repeatedly lit on fire), so it cannot be warrantied. For most of our fire products, the wick is replaceable. There are also maintenance practices to help prolong the life of your wick. See our Repair & Wick Maintenance section for details. 

    1 Year Limited Warranty

    Cracked Hoop Tubing is covered under our Act of Nature Half-Price Replacement Policy. If your hoop or firehoop tubing cracks (not kinks), we will cover half of the repair or replacement cost. Do not let your polypro tubing freeze!   
    Cracked Connector in Day Hoop (Firehoops use unbreakable connectors)  Every once in a blue moon polycarbonate can crack. If you mail us your hoop we will replace the connector and mail it back to you free.
    Unfastened Firehoop Nut can occur by a hard hit to the ground right on the wick.  We will repair this on-the-house if customer covers shipping costs both ways.




    The Quick Wick Lifetime Warranty

    This warranty covers our Manufacturing, which includes the welded and swaged parts.  Contact us if these elements fail. We will send you a replacement Quick Wick along with a pre-paid postage label for returning the defective item. 
    Parts of a Quick Wick that will wear over time:
    • Wick:  it is the consumable part of the product.  See details below about receiving discounted replacements.
    • Cable spine:  the cable (aka "wire rope") will begin to "fray" after it has absorbed enough shock & impact from drops etc.  The quickest way to wear-our the cable is to shake or "wobble" your hoop with the wicks on, causing them to bounce.. this springy/ bouncing action feels neat but it put unnecessary wear on the cables ..similar to bending a paper clip back and forth repeatedly - it will eventually break. 




    The Quick Wick® Replacement Program:

    Used or damaged Quick Wicks may be eligible for discounted replacement: 
    Use this form to submit the order number from your most recent Quick Wick purchase (from SynergyFlowArts.com, Etsy or Amazon).  We will respond via email with a discount code for replacements.   



      • All sales final after 30 days.
      • 25% restocking fee for all returned or exchanged custom-made products:  hoops, firehoops, all staffs and fire poi. details below
      • No restocking fee for Quick Wicks, Ready-ship items, juggling props, DVDs, Kevlar sleeves, etc as long as the product is in unused condition.  For Quick Wicks exchanges, hold on to the Nut-Driver, as we do not include one with replacement/exchanged Quick Wicks.
      • Only unused (not burnt) fire props may be returned/exchanged.
      • Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns & exchanges, unless the item is being covered by warranty.
      • Once the item is received, we'll email you to settle up if there are price differences and any money needs to be refunded or received.
      • Always include your name & email in the package along with the return.

      Our mailing address:

      Synergy FlowArts
      1953 Haw Village Dr.
      Graham, NC  27253
      (Please include your name, email & phone number with any return)
      About Restocking Fees for Custom Products:
      Since many of our products are custom-made-to-order, each one is completely unique. Once returned, a custom prop can sit around indefinitely waiting for someone who wants those exact specs. The restocking fee allows us to reduce the price to help incentivize someone else to bring it home and love it.  




      Tips for Mailing Hoops & Firehoops:

      • Save the packaging that your product arrived in for a few days after arrival, just in case. 
      • Flat 20-24" boxes (like a pizza box) works great for shipping hoop(s).  Otherwise, you can make a "box" out of scrap cardboard.. keeping it under 22"x 22" will avoid "oversize" charges.  
      • The smaller your hoop is coiled = the more likely it is to kink, so be careful!  Do not coil a Polypro or HDPE hoop down into two loops, connecting it to itself.  Coil down the hoop to 1.5 loops and bind with blue painter's tape.
      • We've found that the US Postal Service has the best rates for shipping hoops (if you're in the U.S.).  Fedex and UPS also work. Tapes other than blue painters tape will usually leave a sticky residue on your tubing.  
      • If you're mailing back a "totaled" hoop/firehoop for recycling, you can cut it into small pieces for reducing package size.


      Other Important Stuff:

      Please contact us first before sending in repairs, exchanges, returns, trade-ins, etc.

      Customers must take full responsibility for the return. You may want to consider purchasing shipping insurance.

      Always include your email address, and order number helps too if applicable.   

      If you purchased the wrong size Quick Wick and are exchanging for a different size (not returning for a refund), hold on to the Nut-Driver so we're not mailing nut drivers all over the place. 





      Most kinds of breakages are repairable. The Synergy FlowArts Shop has state of the art tools and equipment for not only crafting products but repairing them as well. We are able to repair most damages, even on props from other companies.

      Read about general repairs below.  To inquire about a repair, send us a picture of the damage along with a short description to info@SynergyFlowArts.com. We will follow-up.  

      If your product is totaled, it can be sent to us for recycling. We will deconstruct items to separate materials properly.


      General Repairs:

      Kinked tubing can often be repaired by cutting the tubing at the kink and installing a connector.  This connector will usually be permanently fastened (using rivets, no push-button), returning the hoop to its original state of functionality, like Kintsugi.

      Cracked or melted tubing is usually repaired by cutting out the damaged portion of your hoop/firehoop and replacing it.

      Damaged or cross-threaded hardware inside a Removable-Spine Firehoop can be adjusted, secured and re-tapped for smooth insertion.  Be careful when screwing in a removable spine to not cross-thread (misalign and damage the threads).


      There is an $8 base shop fee to which à la carte repairs are added:

      • Repair kinked, melted or otherwise damaged tubing: add $5-25 depending on issue.
        • Kinks are often repaired by cutting & installing a connector ..$5
        • Cracks & burns typically require a portion of the tubing to be replaced. 
      • Repair damaged hardware inside a Removable-Spine Firehoop: add $5 - $15. 
        • Sometimes using a thread tapper can clean up threading issues, otherwise the section of hoop containing the insert may need to be replaced.
      • Cracked connector: on the house + shop fee is waived. Hoop owner must pay shipping.



        Our mailing address:

        Synergy FlowArts
        1953 Haw Village Dr.
        Graham, NC  27253

        (Please include your name, email & phone number with any return)





        By selecting the checkout button, the customer agrees not to hold Synergy Firehoops, LLC dba Synergy FlowArts liable for any damages incurred when using supplies and/or equipment in situations involving flammable liquids and open flame. It is assumed upon ordering that the customer has sufficient knowledge to operate, use, or otherwise work with said supplies and/or equipment. The customer further agrees that Synergy FlowArts is not liable for damages or losses that may result from information gathered from this website. No Synergy FlowArts product is intended for use by children aged 13 or younger.

        Additionally the customer agrees not to duplicate designs found and ordered on the Synergy FlowArts website. All product designs are the intellectual property of the owners of Synergy FlowArts and are subject to copyright law.

        Synergy Firehoops LLC (dba Synergy FlowArts) is not liable for any damages incurred with any past product made by either prior company (hoopdrum LLC or Cosmic Fire LLC) 
        RETURNS:  Make sure you understand the details of our Return Policy described above.  In a nutshell, 30-day return window, only un-used (un-burnt) props can be returned. 25% restocking fee on all custom-made items (not stocked items like Quick Wicks, Kevlar Sleeves, Ready-Ship items, etc.)
        INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Synergy FlowArts is not responsible for any delays, duty/customs fees, 'no-shows' or returned goods. Most packages show up in about 1-2 weeks, but about 1 out of every 50 international orders may take up to 4 weeks to arrive, and 1 out of 80 never show up :(  This is all highly dependent on the countries involved.  Sometimes delays occur when packages get held up in customs or there are delivery issues of some kind.