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  • Synergy FlowArtists

    From multi-hoop fire spinners to circus extraordinaires, we're stoked to sponsor these skilled artists.  They've chosen to use Synergy products and we think that's awesome.  Not only that, each of these light beings have helped provide feedback for us in our commitment to design innovation, so that we continue to provide the best, most professional tools on the market. Check out our amazing lineup of Synergy Artists, from the fresh and new to the OG's of the modern hoop revolution.




    Miss MichelleBell is an international variety entertainer originally from Chicago. Since childhood, Michelle has explored various motion arts, athletics and theatrical arts.  She's always shown a passion for  being on stage and performing, whether it be 4 year old Michelle putting on shows for her family in the living room or what she's commonly known by today, Miss MichelleBell, spinning fire for a crowd of thousands on the Las Vegas strip.  

    Her first performance prop was the Hula Hoop, which she discovered in 2009. Over 7 years later, she has become a  "Hula Hoop Extraordinaire" perfecting a one of a kind acrobatic hoop dance with up to 8 hoops at a time.  The hoop brought with it a discovery of other circus acts and fire arts.  She is now experienced in fire dancing, burlesque and aerial arts.  Most often her acts include a fusion of any number of these acts to ensure a unique and exciting performance.  Some of her past clients include NBC, Toyota, Lagunita's, EDC Las Vegas, Envision Festival and many more



    Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach has spent the last 20+ years performing, teaching and generally obsessing on everything hoop. Credited by many as the founder of the modern incarnation of Hoop Dance, she loves nothing more than to incite hoopiness in others and to guide people to full freedom of expression in the hoop. Her earthly conquests are too many to mention but you can find them listed at hooprevolution.com! Stay tuned for the long awaited DVD “Hoop Revolution’s Core Foundation”, new teaching dates and Teacher Trainings worldwide! 


     Miss 360

    Miss 360 is a New York based performance artist and instructor. Dance principles and yoga asanas are hallmarks of the dancer’s captivating style.  She first discovered hoop dance in the summer of 2010 at Mountain Jam Music Festival. She was completely enamored.  Since then her infatuation has transformed into a full blown performance career. Miss 360 has performed for Mountain Jam Music Festival, Phases of the Moon Music Festival, Electric Forest Music Festival, Vanity Fair Magazine, Madison Square Garden, and many others. You can also find her hooping on street corners and subway platforms around NYC, breaking in new material for the next big performance.


    Grace Good ball circus Fire hoop synergy flowarts firehoopGrace Good

    Grace Good also known as @GraceGoodCirque is a professional circus hula hooper, aerialist, flow artist and fire performer currently based in Nashville TN USA. Grace started her career after she first picked up a hula hoop in 2011. She then discovered and immersed herself in the world of circus.. and fell in love! Grace is a business owner of Grace Good Cirque Entertainment and Beyond Wings Circus. She performs and directs talent at Nashville's voted best dinner entertainment venue Plaza Mariachi Music City, and performs internationally with world renown Cirque company, Cirque Dreams Production. Grace teaches workshops all across the country in Circus and Flow arts including Hula Hoops, Dragon Staff, and Aerial Silks. Grace's work is influenced by the cirque & flow arts world and artistry combined, which has shaped her into the professional artist she is today!
    Follow Grace Good's work on Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok: @GraceGoodCirque
    Learn from Grace/ Support Grace on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GraceGoodCirque


    TechSwan Josh PhilippiTechSwan

    Josh Philippi is a Florida-based instructor and performance artist. Known for infusing technical proficiency with smooth liquid-like movement, Josh brings a fresh and unique performance style to the scene. He has made waves in the hoop community with his passion for teaching, bringing his on-body workshops to festivals and events nation-wide. He discovered the hula hoop while studying Music Therapy in 2015 and quickly became fascinated by its infinite possibilities, steering him onto a path he never expected. Over the years, he has expanded his skillsets to include double-hoops, fire-hoop, and other flow props. Influenced heavily by traditional on-body techniques and more modern tricks, Josh strives to push boundaries and inspire others with his unique expression.



    Tiana Zoumer has been hooping for an impassioned 4 years--a practice that has fueled her growth and development within the space of hoop dance and spiritual expression. Inspired by the infinite possibilities of mutually created moments born of this developing art form she has been an innovator from the start. She brings a constantly unique style and powerful presence, incorporating live poetry and improvisational dance as it inspires her practice. Her memorable style and perspective has led her to teach and perform in Mexico, the UK and throughout the U.S.. She's maintained a presence in improvisational performance via youtube since the beginning of her hoop journey and continues to explore and spread the inspirations that evolve her movement. Tiana lives in Oakland Ca. 
    Tiana's YouTube Channel



    Kissed by stardust from the rings of Saturn, Vivian became Spiral and was thereby inspired to create a unique, mesmerizing style of hoop dance. Part whirling dervish, circus artist, modern dancer, yogi and acrobat, her life was forever transformed by a love for circles and an affinity for revolutionary motion. 

    Her engaging performances have wowed audiences from the catwalk in Hong Kong, to nightclubs in Vienna, to a boisterous crowd of 20,000 in Michigan. Her skills include hoop manipulation, contact juggling, fire dance, aerial silks and lyra (aerial hoop). She performs and teaches all over the globe. 



    Revolva first hit the stage at age five in a Detroit-area ballet class. After a lifetime of dancing, acting and word slinging (she doubles as a writer), she added hoops to her repertoire in 2002. Audiences as far away as Germany and South Korea have never been the same. Over the years, Revolva has thrilled corporate clients, opened for bands, riled up the fans during halftime shows, made even the most discerning hipsters laugh and brought crowds to standing ovations. Vaudeville is her game. While she can blow you away freestyling to live music, she really shines with her over-the-top character numbers. Her mantra? “Funny IS sexy!”



    Shakti Sunfire is a leader of the world-wide hoop dance movement and a dedicated student of life. She is currently featured in 2 published books on hoop dance, one instructional DVD, and countless online articles. She was voted 'best performance group 2008' and 'firehooper of the year 2009' by popular vote in Hooping.org. Shakti is featured in the August 2011 edition of Yoga Journal as a leading light in the fusion of yoga and hoopdance - a marriage of two worlds that is, to her, a spiraling journey into the heart and the basis for her dance philosophy. When she is not teaching or performing Shakti can be found eating salted dark chocolate in her hometown of San Francisco. 



    Jewels began hooping in 2001 and created her first firehoop in 2003. Since then, she has dedicated her energy to this spiraling artform, community and the evolution of flow and fire instruments. In addition to working with Synergy FlowArts, Jewels organizes Hoop Convergence, performs with hoopdrum and runs a circus & movement studio, The Flowjo, in Carrboro, NC. She most loves to fire dance in sacred ceremonial community gatherings. 




    Michael is the founder and creator of Cosmic Fire. It seems like his well of inspiration is never ending when it comes to learning and progressing as a performer. Training to be a Fire dancer has become a way of life for Michael and it shows with his knowledge base of technical and dance based moves. He has been on tour with some of the most recognized fire performers in the country and has been featured in two instructional videos. Michael is also a Yogi and a Poet that seeks connection with the world at large.



    Erin Shredder is a California native who grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains between the giant redwoods and the beautiful waves of the Santa Cruz coastline. In 2004 Erin Shredder was moved deeply while watching Hoopalicious perform at Burning Man. With this newfound inspiration a new purpose materialized and a love affair with the hoop ensued. Shredder Hoops was born. Thriving on adventure and self-discovery, this hoop artist extraordinaire has a passion for circles and beauty and a demonstrated mastery of both. Erin Shredder is a professional circus artist who spends much of her time spinning on the aerial lyra, deftly manipulating any number of hula hoops (sometimes on fire), and lowering the jaws of the general populous. 



    Aileen discovered an enthusiasm toward the Flow Arts after moving to San Francisco in 2004 and delving into the practice of poi, contact staff, and Flow-Wand. Her exploration with object manipulation encouraged her studies of dance & varied movement modalities.  Blending technical proficiency and a very unique style into her performance, she has established herself as a highly sought-after instructor and performer at countless festivals in the worldwide Flow Arts community.  She has conducted workshops throughout the US and Rome, France, Canada & the UK, has appeared in numerous instructional Flow Arts DVD’s, and instructs classes in the Bay Area.  Check out Aileen’s YouTube Channel.



    Malcolm started hooping in 2002 when he met a group of hoopers at a loft party in Brooklyn, NY, where he still lives and works. He had an immediate connection with both the hoop and his new friends, becoming a part of their hoop group, which soon became the first New York hoop troop Groove Hoops. In 2005 and 2006 he performed and choreographed in Agora 1 and 2, by Noemie Lafrance. His fine art interests has brought him into the gallery world with regular appearances at Deitch Projects in New York, and in 2009 with his performance troop Color Wheel at the Sculpture Center in Long Island City for the annual Performa festival. Also in 2009 he performed in the Life Ball in Vienna with the House of Xtravaganzas, as well as Choreographed hoop performance in the opera Il Mondo Della Luna in the Natural History Museums Planetarium in New York. www.MalcolmStuart.com



    Stefan Pildes has been a pillar in the hoop community for over a Decade. GrooveHoops is New York City's premier Hula-Hoop dance troupe. A hoop teacher for over 10 years and a fixture in the international hooping world, Stefan is proud to be an integral part in the story of modern day hooping. Stefan has been credited with inspiring Jason Unbound to make his first hoops and beginning the New York City Hooping Revolution in 2000. Stefan's long running New York City class has been teaching students and teachers for over 9 years and is believed to be the longest running hoop class in the world. 



    A trained, dedicated and world renowned circus performer with a wide range of skills and abilities, KiT~ is an internationally acclaimed Hula Hoop Dancer and Fire Performer. She is 2008’s Fire Hooper of the Year and well known in the TV/Movie world. She has worked with such names as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, TPain, Ludacris, Jessica Biel, and appeared on CSI NY, Budweiser Superbowl commercial, & the Jimmy Kimmel show. 

    KiT~ is an inspiration in both the fire spinning and hula hoop dancing communities as both an educator and performer. Most recognized within the company of Zen Arts, her inspiring performances and workshops will captivate any audience.  www.KitSpins.com



    Nick Guzzardo is affectionately called "The Prodigy" because of his almost mythic rise in the Hoop Community from beginner to one of the best in the world in little over a year's time. Always a dynamic mover, Nick got his start in trampoline and diving growing up. With hoop in hand, bold curiosity led him to explore and create new expressions with openness, developing his own acrobatic dance style of head hooping. Nick is a contributing administrator for Colorado's prop gathering, The Spin Summit, and has been breaking his ground as a recognized hoop educator for the past two years. Blessed to have the opportunity to share what he has come to learn, Nick is honored to be a contribution to the performing arts community.



    With her hoop dance choreography, Luna Breeze blurs the line between entertainment and performance art - a focus on the magic of illusion and the interaction of the hoop and body. Luna's dance combines the modern with the ancient, a timeless and familiar sense of culture, with influences from rhythmic gymnastics, classic cirque esthetics, tribal African movement, and Native American Hoop Dance. Luna Breeze weaves together the story of life, creation and emotion.



    Jill Schofield, or Jilliana when on stage, is the Portland, Oregon based professional circus artist, hoop dance instructor, and yoga teacher. She is known for mixing both technical skills and flow into her style of hoop dance. Jill picked up her first hoop at age 7 and was hooked. In 2010 she moved to Portland and quickly became passionate about fire hooping. Over the years her various skills have evolved into multiple body hoops (often on fire), spinning fire fans, acrobatics, juggling, and her newest favorite... club passing! Following her passions for both traveling and circus, she is often off adventuring overseas, collaborating on projects with circus professionals and children along the way. She performs and teaches at numerous private events, public gatherings, and festivals throughout the west coast of the United States and Canada as well as Bali, Thailand, India, Nepal, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Whether is it social service circus projects with orphanages in Nepal, private corporate events in the US, or 28,000 person rowdy party, Jill is passionate about her art and strives to impress and empower others while maintaining grace and a humble energy.



    Ninja Hoops is a traveling hula-hoop duo based out of Oakland, CA. Their distinctive hooping style incorporates elements of martial arts, classical acrobatics, and silly clowning. Their mission? Teaching people of all ages how to free their bodies, hearts and minds, through empowered play. Zach and Marria offer workshops year-round that teach participating students a variety of movement arts. They are experienced instructors who are more than capable of teaching even the most advanced material to the newest of students. They are serious about training their ninja skills while maintaining a humorous perspective on life. They hope their collaboration will inspire other artists to try other disciplines, share their experience and continue to push the evolution of the movement arts. 


    Gina McGrath

    Gina McGrath has been passionately in practice in and of the flow arts since 2010, when her journey began with a hoop and an inspiration to connect more deeply with her kin in fleeting moments of creation. Through developing a flow and chosen community, she explored iso hoops discovered poi, and became an image of determination and integration within the flow community.Gina performed in the first NYC Flow Show,Vulcan Conclave 2012, starred in a commercial for the progression of our art form,and has been an addition to many festivals in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. A love for hoop and poi dance will always be with her, but a discovery in fan manipulation has made her an innovator of technique. Flow,a personally spiritual catalyst, has strengthen it's roots within her studies and profound admiration of the flower of life,and sacred geometry which has lead her to fluidity in multiple props, with an ability to teach these-at times-confusing concepts with ease and compassion. She is honored and humbled to be an internationally traveling fire&flow artist committed to living in love, with a passion and humble gratitude for teaching & dedication to a life in light. 



    Rich Porter has made a true impact in the ever-evolving genre of hoopdance. With a degree in architecture from the acclaimed program at Calpoly, Rich is known for his original approach to plotting the hoop’s path through space, sometimes creating graphic “blueprints” that map the hoop’s trajectory. His dynamic style encompasses crisp, geometrical movements that punctuate and provide contrast to fluid, high-speed motion.