Earth Synergy

Like most individuals or companies, we must choose our battles.  Yes, hoops are made with petroleum-based plastics and although it is possible, many do not last forever.  To offset ethical & environmental dilemmas like these, we make decisions based on the triple bottom line, "people, planet, profit".  Our intention is to be as socially & environmentally responsible as possible and here are some of the ways we put those beliefs into practice within Synergy.


  • In 2022 we outfitted our facility with solar panels and are now producing 100% of our own electricity.
  • Our packaging materials are either re-used or contain the highest amount of recycled content as possible.
  • All of our printer paper is either made from sugar cane (not trees) or 100% recycled.
  • We work with several local companies for parts & labor, making sure we keep our products U.S. made!
  • All of our creations are crafted with sustainability in mind to conserve energy & minimize waste.
  • We save as much from the landfill as humanly possible.  We recycle all of our leftover crafting materials, including PE, HDPE, PP, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc.
  • We work with The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC to ensure that our scraps are reused first before recycled!
  • The Synergy Shop uses energy-saving LED lighting exclusively.
  • We have found the necessary facilities needed to recycle any and all parts of of the products we create.  If you have a damaged-beyond-repair firehoop or other fire-prop, you can send it to us for recycling.  We'll hit you back with a 15% discount code for being awesome.   Contact us for details.