Synergy Marketing INTERN Call!

by Laura Blakeman November 16, 2013

Attention Flow-ers and Shakers and Marketing Magicians!


Synergy FlowArts is looking for a self-starting, and creative marketing intern to join our team of rad, playful and uber business savvy spinners. You will work directly with our head of marketing (Shakti Sunfire) to help strategize and implement newsletter marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, contests and promos. 


We especially are looking for someone who has a strong writing voice, knowledge of the spin world and some kind of a marketing background - whether that be a degree-in-progress or self-taught. Mailchimp and/or photoshop skills are extra credit. 



Earn valuable experience for your resume with one of the top e-commerce spin brands on the market today. Work intimately with Shopify, Mailchimp and Facebook - 3 of the worlds TOP e-commerce/marketing tools for a younger demographic. This is a non-paid internship with the potential to grow into an hourly wage.


Other benefits include : Free and/or heavily discounted Synergy spin products, inclusion in Synergy team member retreats (we have SO MUCH FUN!), and if needed, the option to live in Carrboro where the business is based, free-of-rent. (can also work remotely)


If this sounds like it’s up your alley at this point in your career, please email Include “Synergy Intern” in the subject line and paste your resume/relevant experience in the BODY of the email.




The Synergy Team

Laura Blakeman
Laura Blakeman


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