Firehoop Wick

  • Easy Replacement.

    These screw-in Firehoop Wicks (sold individually) are the most durable and lightest-weight in the world. Get an extra wick or two, or a whole set to replace / swap-out on your Synergy Firehoop or Modular Palm Torches. Use a 7/32" wrench to tighten (available here or with the wicks below) ..firehoop wicks should not be able to be unscrewed by hand (that would be unsafe) ..Palm Torches OK to tighten by hand.

    • Lightweight, approximately 1.6oz each (dry)
    • Stainless Steel flexible cable spine
    • Swaged for high-strength (1,143 pound pull-test)
    • Genuine Kevlar Wick
    • Approximately 5" spine length from outside of tubing to tip/end of wick
    • Sold individually.

    Looking for clamp-on wicks? Check out The Quick Wick.

  • Fulfillment Time: 1-2 business days 
    Shipping Time: 2-5 days for domestic (U.S.) via USPS
    Restocking Fee:  $0 (unused wicks only)

    Difference between Crown Knot & Barrel wicks:
    There is not much difference in the performance of these wicks.  They just look different and we've found some people prefer one over the other, and/or have their own beliefs around the difference between the two.  These two wick styles are the same weight, hold roughly the same amount of fuel and therefore have similar burn time.  

    Don't forget to pick up a Firehoop Wrench to tighten these wicks (available with the wicks below).  Firehoop wicks should not be able to be unscrewed by hand.