Firehoop Wick

  • Easy Replacement.

    Get an extra removable spine, or two, or a whole set to replace / swap out on your Synergy Firehoop.  Use a 7/32" wrench to tighten.. they should not be able to be unscrewed by hand.

    • Light weight, Stainless Steel design
    • Flexible cable spine in two types
    • Swaged for high-strength (1,143 pound pull-test)
    • Many options (wick style, wick size & spine length)
    • Choose from the classic Wrap style or a Crown-knot
    • Sold individually.

  • Fulfillment Time: Typically 1-2 business days (depending on the order queue)
    Shipping Time: 2-3 days for domestic (U.S.)
    Restocking Fee:  $0 (unused wicks only)
    Shipping Cost: Use shipping calculator in cart

    Difference between the wicks:
    The Crown-Knot is slightly smaller than the classic & best-selling sushi-style wick. Because of this it holds slightly less fuel, makes a slightly smaller flame, and weighs a bit less.  Burn-time will also be slightly reduced. The tiny amount of metal used to fasten the sushi wick is recessed into the wick, reducing the probability of metal burns.

    Spines:  Longer spines increase overall diameter of the firehoop, decreasing clearance when hooping on the vertical plane.  Shorter spines are preferred by most. 

    Mini Wrench:  Don't forget to pick up a Firehoop Wrench to tighten a removable spine.  They should not be able to be unscrewed by hand.

    Shipping: For information about fulfillment and delivery time, check out our Shipping Info page.

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