Root Chews Mints

Scott loves to eat mints..

so much so that he started another business in 2015 making Root Chews, Radically Simple, Ridiculously Strong MINTS.

Delicious squares of dried parsley root tossed in 100% pure peppermint oil.. that's it.. Just two simple, truly all-natural ingredients.  Eat one while you're working, driving, drumming, hooping ..and definitely eat one before you kiss anyone.

This is a single 1 ounce bag with which to fill your jar or other container

  • 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Super strong & sweetener-free
  • Over 300 mints per ounce!
  • If you’re a Mint Mongrel, you need this

Why parsley? 

We tried just about every root imaginable and found parsley root to be a wonderfully neutral carrier for our micro-dose of 100% pure peppermint essential oil.  Although we may introduce other roots & recipes in the future, parsley wins as our favorite, most subtle, least distracting carrier.  And, it's a vegetable.

100% Recycled Cardboard + 100% Plant-based Cellophane = 100% Biodegradable Packaging

Convenience and sustainability are at odds. As convenience increases, the health of our planet (and our body) decreases.  Most shelf-stable foods use environmentally-destructive packaging and lack the nutrients to truly sustain our health. Real food (food that actually nourishes our body) can rarely survive more than a few days without spoiling. Yes, it would be more convenient to have mints packaged in air-tight, resealable packaging that can survive for months or years, but this comes at a great cost to the environment. We're choosing sustainability over convenience, and asking YOU to preserve your mints in a jar (or any other reusable container). Our planet already has millions of little airtight containers.. please find one and make it your mint carrier! We include a rad little Root Chews label with every order to stick on whatever container you choose-for-your-chews!