In-Stock Firehoop

  • Ready-made, ready to ship!

    As the creators of the first polypro firehoop, our design has set the standard worldwide and our firehoops continue to be the most-trusted anywhere.  Our removable wicks are the highest strength, lowest-mass design in the world.

    Looking for more in-stock firehoops in variety of sizes?  Check out our Model T Firehoop.

    Our removable firehoop wicks (different from our Quick Wicks®) securely screw in & out of the tubing for easy dipping, smudge-free transportation and storage. Ready-ship firehoops do not include wicks.  

    Click the details tab above for more information & code key. Note, most offerings are regular (single-piece) Firehoops, while our last remaining *sectional* firehoops are listed here. All tubing is polypro unless noted HDPE.


    Codes for Variants:

    3W: 3 Wicks, 4W: 4 Wicks, 5W: 5 Wicks, 6W: 6 Wicks

    RSS: Racing Stripe Sanded

    These ready-made, in-stock firehoops will be packaged and ready to ship within 1-2 business days.  FREE U.S. Shipping via USPS Priority 3-4 day mail. 

Ready-ship firehoops do not include wicks.  
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