Polycarbonate Connector

  • Dynamite Solid Connection.

    A hoop is not a hoop unless it has a simple, robust, lightweight and secure way to connect one end of its tubing to the other. We've tried everything, and after dozens of prototype attempts and hundreds of hours of real-world testing, we finally have the ultimate solution...  The Synergy Polycarbonate Connector. 

    We like round hoops.

  • Polycarbonate, aka Lexan®, is a truly amazing thermoplastic polymer.  Used in bulletproofing applications (just like our Kevlar wick!), this crystal clear material is incredibly strong, but is so light that you can barely feel it in your hand.  At the ideal length of 1.625 inches, these connectors are perfect for any kind of hoop, whether permanently fastened or with a push-button.   

    Note, these connectors often fit *very* tightly depending on your tubing.  At first, it may be a workout to fit the connector in & out until your hoop tubing stretches slight and learns to become more accepting. 

    You must know the Inside Diameter of your tubing (not the OD) to get the right size connector

    Don't forget Fasteners!

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