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Atomic V Classic LED Hoop by Astral Hoops


Hoop Size

Astral Hoops are measured by internal diameter (inside edge to inside edge). If the size you order doesn't turn out to be a perfect fit, have no fear. Hoops can be exchanged for another size within 30 days or resized any time down the road.


Tubing Size

5/8" tubing is thin and light, great for advanced hoopers.
11/16" tubing is the perfect balance of rigidity and lightness.
3/4" tubing is excellent for body rocking and larger hoops.



Internal batteries are distributed around the hoop for a precision balance and the lightest weight. They're charged with an included charger that plugs into the hoop.
Removable batteries easily pop out of the hoop and are balanced by a counterweight. They're charged with an included Li-Ion battery charger.


Tubing Material / Color

Polypro tubing is firm, light weight, and crisply show LEDs.
HDPE is softer, highly durable, and defuse the LEDs.
Colored tubing gives the hoop a fun look in daylight and doesn't significantly effect the LEDs at night.

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