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  • Quick Wick® Reviews

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     I have been hooping with fire for a few years and I have 4 different fire hoops. I was a little skeptical of the quick wicks but I had to find out for myself. I found my quick wicks to be incredibly sturdy yet easy to take on and off my hoops. Once they are tightened they do not budge.  I first spun two small hoops with three wicks each and in just a few minutes I was able to transfer all six of them to a large hoop with no problem.  Nice even burn on the wicks.  The stem and holder do not get hot at all. I was able to touch this part right after my fuel burnt out.  I really, really love my quick wicks and I am ordering more. I see endless possibilities for them beyond hoops.  We were trying to attach them to a unicycle that night but the rider figured he'd burn his legs. :-)  I can't believe it took this many years for someone to create such a genius product.
    -Tara V. Hoops,  NY


    Yay!! I lit those babies yesterday and it was sacred, beautiful, empowering. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    -Ali Cochran, TN
    The quick wicks rock!  They are light, flexible and easy to attach.  I had some initial fear of the metal bands being rough on my hands but they are smooth and do not pose a problem at all.  It's very cool to be able to switch the bands from hoop to hoop - from a 32" to a 38"--makes it easy to change up.  I'm very, very pleased with the quick wicks!
    -Dorne Pentes,  NC

    They're definitely really great! I can't imagine going with any other method for fire hooping now - these are just too convenient and easy to use.  I'll probably even end up purchasing more, eventually :)

    -Heather Muszynski,  MD

    I recently ordered Quick Wicks and I LOVE them. They're so easy to change from hoop to hoop, and I used them on my LED hoop recently and they were amazing. Thank you so much! When I get better at using twins I'll probably order another so I can do fire twins.... :)
    Thanks again,

    -Amy Barker,  MA 
    Scott has developed a kick-ass product he calls Quick Wicks. They are detachable wicks that are so light! They are mounted on airplane cable, which is also light, in addition to being flexible enough that it won't break if you drop your hoop on one. The cable also doesn't heat up so you don't burn yourself on the hardware. The wicks are also a reasonable size with a long burn time and, because Julia is a hooper, she has measured their length so that they are far enough beyond the face and hair to  be safe but not so far as to vastly increase the circumference of the hoop. These wicks come off easily and quickly (like the name says) for traveling (just tighten with the tool that comes with them) yet the wicks go on in a sturdy way and easily and they stay on without moving while they're in use! I just pop them off, put them in my checked baggage and my airport troubles are over. And I can put them on any hoop I want! I can match fire hoops to outfits if I want!!!
    More than that though, more than anything else, this technology has revolutionized my dance. FINALLY I have the freedom of movement I have always craved. I am doing moves I never dreamed I'd be able to do, moves I couldn't do on any other hoop I own -- even the ones I made. Finally, finally, finally, all the qualities I have wanted all this time are available in one hoop and I could not be happier.  So I am here to sing the praises of this new technology. I think it's going to revolutionize hoop crafting altogether and forever.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
    - Carolyn "Caroleeena" Mabry, NC

    I love them! And I use the skinny PolyPro (5/8" outer diameter/1/2" inner diameter) tubing, which is super super light; the wicks don't make the hoops heavy, which is a big factor for me.

    - Kristen, TN 


    I absolutely love my quick wicks!   I actually attached 5 of them on a LED hoop from digihoops.com. We put some electrical tape underneath with the idea that it would help it grip since there is no tape on the hoop. I found them to be extraordinarily sturdy! after multiple uses by multiple different people and being pretty rough with it, the wicks stayed put. We had to tighten after about 3 weeks of regular travel & use! The metal does not get hot & it is no different than using a real fire hoop provided you get them spaced right. The burn time is excellent - we use white gas as a standard. The wicks are also very sturdy & supported with a metal wire.
    - Jaime Chandra, NC

    I only use quick wicks! I have had almost every kind of fire hoop you can think of, quick wicks are by far the best, the versatillity alone is soooo nice, and if you melt a hoop (as I have done many times before useing polypro) lol..no need to buy a whole new pricey fire hoop! just attach your wicks to another hoop you already have!!!..I have 10 quick wicks and love each one, they really are the cats pajamas!!! wooooot! 

    - Hendryx

    i love my quick wicks. they hardly weigh anything, and on a polypro hoop it's still ridiculously light. not to mention that i can put them on my led hoop, or put on 2, 3, or 4 for a totally different experience. double with 2 on each is also incredible. If you're at burning man and a pal borrows your hoop with the wicks on and the hoop breaks at the connection and a friend stops to tell you its fixable and accidently burns a huge owie in the side of your hoop, no sweat, just take em off and switch em to a new hoop. they're a great invention, they easily bend back into shape should the flexible spine get bent out of shape (i sometimes leave them on the hoop and put it in the trunk when we go camping, which squishes em all willy nilly.) they come with a handy tool to take them on and off, and should i ever get good enough i might want to buy 2 more and try an 8 wick experience. seriously. i highly recommend them.

    - Happy HoopCity Customer


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