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The Polypro Firehoop
The Polypro Firehoop from $150.00 $160.00
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Contact Staff
Contact Staff from $89.00 $128.95
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The Quick Wick®
The Quick Wick® $28.00
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The Classic Polypro Hoop
The Classic Polypro Hoop from $35.00
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The Air Series Polypro Hoop
The Air Series Polypro Hoop from $35.00
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Pro Taped Hoop
Pro Taped Hoop from $49.00 $53.00
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Kevlar Sleeves
Kevlar Sleeves $30.00
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Pranam DVD
Pranam DVD $33.00
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Bulk Tubing
Bulk Tubing from $60.00
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HDPE Hula Hoop
HDPE Hula Hoop from $30.00
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Double Staff
Double Staff $95.00 $110.00
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Gift Card
Gift Card from $25.00
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Mini Hoop(s)
Mini Hoop(s) from $20.00
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 Co-Creative Flow Art Innovation and Design. 

A cutting-edge in collaboration, we've distilled the best of the spin world to bring our great love of crafting flow play to you with the worlds best flowart ecommerce site. Home of the original Quick Wick® and the revolutionary polypro firehoop, our collection expands to include fire staffs, poi, juggling balls and instructional DVDs, along with kevlar sleeves, various custom firehoops and colored polypro hula hoops. Be sure to let us know your thoughts. Enjoy the ride!


News, Thoughts, and Other Stuff

Synergy Marketing INTERN Call!

November 16, 2013

Attention Flow-ers and Shakers and Marketing Magicians!   Synergy FlowArts is looking for a self-starting, and creative marketing intern to join our team of rad, playful and uber business savvy spinners. You will work directly with our head of marketing (Shakti Sunfire) to help strategize and implement newsletter marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, contests and promos.    We especially are looking for someone who has a strong writing voice, knowledge of the spin world and some kind of a marketing background - whether that be a degree-in-progress or self-taught. Mailchimp and/or photoshop skills are extra credit.    Benefits: Earn valuable experience for your resume with one of the top e-commerce spin brands on the market today. Work intimately with Shopify, Mailchimp...

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Synergy FlowArts Photo Contest

October 22, 2013

Synergy FlowArts Photo Contest Get wild! Choose your favorite flow or fire prop and show us your creativity captured in a photo. We're offering 3 WAYS TO WIN BIG! 3 Winners Will Receive: $150 credit to be used in the Synergy FlowArts store Featured photo and information on the Synergy blog and Facebook fan page  3 Ways to WIN:  $150 Synergy dollar prize will go to the photo with the largest number of facebook 'likes'! $150 Synergy dollar prize will go to the photo that has been 'shared' on facebook the most! $150 Synergy dollar prize will go to the photo that the Synergy TEAM personally LOVES!   How to Enter:  Make sure you 'like' Synergy FlowArts on Facebook Post your photo...

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