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The Polypro Firehoop
The Polypro Firehoop from $150.00 $160.00
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Contact Staff
Contact Staff $89.00 $95.00
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The Quick Wick®
The Quick Wick® $28.00
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The Classic Polypro Hoop
The Classic Polypro Hoop from $35.00
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The Air Series Polypro Hoop
The Air Series Polypro Hoop from $35.00
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Pro Taped Hoop
Pro Taped Hoop from $49.00 $53.00
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Kevlar Sleeves
Kevlar Sleeves $30.00
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Pranam DVD
Pranam DVD $33.00
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Bulk Tubing
Bulk Tubing from $60.00
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HDPE Hula Hoop
HDPE Hula Hoop from $30.00
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Double Staff
Double Staff from $95.00 $134.95
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Gift Card
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Mini Hoop(s)
Mini Hoop(s) from $20.00
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 Co-Creative Flow Art Innovation and Design. 

A cutting-edge in collaboration, we've distilled the best of the spin world to bring our great love of crafting flow play to you with the worlds best flowart ecommerce site. Home of the original Quick Wick® and the revolutionary polypro firehoop, our collection expands to include fire staffs, poi, juggling balls and instructional DVDs, along with kevlar sleeves, various custom firehoops and colored polypro hula hoops. Be sure to let us know your thoughts. Enjoy the ride!


News, Thoughts, and Other Stuff

Enter to Win a FREE Copy of the Hooping Life Signed by Basement Jaxx!

May 16, 2014

We have teamed up with the Hooping Life to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a FREE copy of the DVD, The Hooping Life, signed by soundtrack artist and well-known musician Basement Jaxx. And the best part? It's REALLY EASY to enter. ALL orders of $50 or more, placed between NOW and May 31st will be automatically entered and the winner will chosen via a random drawing.

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Reverse your Current to Refresh your Flow

May 13, 2014

As we develop our flow play through practice, we become aware that the art of learning is not always a steady upward curve.  Sometimes we learn new skills with amazing speed and efficiency of effort. Sometimes it is a much longer and arduous process.  From time to time we plateau, unable--it seems—to grow our practice at all.  And then there’s those days where you put down your hoop and wonder woefully how on earth you could be worse at hooping than the day before!

Our bodies have an incredible control center—the brain—which initiates all movement in the body. This is accomplished through electrical signals which travel along neural pathways.  Over time, repetitive movements reinforce these pathways, and many movements we make become nearly automatic.  This is excellent for efficiency, but can hamper our creativity and ability to handle novelty.

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