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The Synergy Firehoop

  • Simply the best.

    From Julia's first firehoop in 2003 to the world's first Polypro firehoop in 2009, our designs have been rigorously tested to become the standard to which all others are compared.  Time tested, unparalleled craftsmanship and a fully customizable design continues to set our firehoops apart from the rest, keeping them the #1 most-trusted & best-selling firehoop in the world.

    • Tons of tubing options
    • Strongest & lightest design; 13 - 18 oz.
    • 4, 5 or 6 Permanent or Removable Spines
    • Mini Wrench included w/ Removable Spines
    • Thick, super high quality wick
    • Various tape styles
    • Feather-weight aluminum push-button connector for coiling & travel
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Both Permanent and Removable Spines are made out of Stainless Steel. The Removable Spines (different from our Quick Wicks®) screw in & out of the tubing easily, and are worry-free-secure.  We highly recommend Removable Spines for many reasons.  If you damage your hoop, it can be fixed or replaced much more easily since the spines can be unscrewed.  Likewise, if you damage a spine, it is super easy to replace.  For travel & transport, unscrew your spines and toss them in a bag ...now you've got a super sleek regular hoop!

    Our hoops also feature incredibly lightweight & super-durable aluminum connectors with push-button-disconnection for coiling & travel.  See the images on the right depicting our tubing colors, tape finishes and wick options.

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Note: longer spines increase overall diameter of the firehoop, decreasing clearance when hooping on the vertical plane. Shorter spines are preferred by most.

(See pictures above for Tape Styles.)

(NOTE: 'Fully Taped' & 3M-taped hoops will automatically be Bare)

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