Synergy Buugeng

Hand crafted..

..with the help of some robots ;)  High-tech CNC machines & laser engravers allow us to produce these twin S-staffs with the highest degree of precision.. so that each piece matches perfectly to the other.

Made from ultra-sturdy 7-ply White Birch, hand-sanded and sealed with Vermont Natural Coatings VOC's,  zero off-gassing, no fumes, non-flammable. 

Utilizing incredible neodymium magnets, these modular buugeng conveniently come apart for storage & travel-ability.  Once broken down, they are just 20 x 16 inches.. small enough to fit in a backpack.  Assembled, these boast a gorgeous 36 inches from tip to tip.

Made exclusively for Synergy FlowArts by one of our favorite production partners, Building Character, in Vermont, U.S.