Shakti Sunfire Hoopdance Basics (Pranam Single)

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  • Hoopdance Basics with Shakti Sunfire (Pranam Single)

    In this wildly playful instructional DVD, Shakti Sunfire leads you through the basics of hoopdance thematically presented through the four main elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In a comprehensive and clear presentation, Shakti slowly guides you through trick and technique that will open infinite possibilities in hoopdance movement. Get ready for a 90-minute full-body transformation that will catch you from the very beginning. No experience necessary!  A Synergy Beginner Hoop is the perfect companion.  

    Music by Todd Boston, Garth Stevenson, Benjy Wertheimer, DJ Drez, The Flashbulb, Gabriel Goldberg, Jack Harrison and more!

    Please NOTE: this DVD is the single of the Pranam Yoga and Hoopdance DVD. This DVD is disc 2 (hoopdance portion) only!

    Level One Includes:
    • Core hooping on the waist, neck, shoulders and hips.
    • Waist lifts and drops.
    • Off-body movements to tone and strengthen the arms, back and shoulders.
    • Dance circuits and transitions.
    • Bonus artistic inspirational footage.

  • Radiant Hoopdance - is a fluid dance movement that is spiraling into the hearts and bodies of people all over the world. Shakti describes it as a ‘tuning in’ - a playful experience that inspires radical self-acceptance and great freedom. Mimicking patterns present in nature, we simply fall back into original movement, as it is happening from inside out. We ride on the breath of spontaneity and discovery as we carve new movement pathways, free stuck energy, and delight in the challenge of new.

    • Heightened body awareness
    • Profound joy and connection
    • Release stagnant energy
    • Whole body massage
    • Strengthening and toning
    • Self affirmation and empowerment