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LED podpoi ®

    • The world's favorite glow poi – podpoi ®

      Years of engineering and development, consciously designed in every aspect, podpoi brings you many adjustable modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to gorgeous mood lighting. Micro-USB charge-port, all-night runtime and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep your poi running during festivals and travel.

      Made of silicone – the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic available – podpoi are super-cushy on impact and virtually indestructible. Podpoi are an evolution of our commitment to bring you the beauty and joy of movement and light. Sold as a pair.

      NEW! Add Fuzzy Covers for daytime or blacklight flair!

    • Features
      • full color - many modes - infinitely adjustable
      • bright - lasts all night - usb rechargeable
      • non-toxic - conscious design
      • super durable - lifetime warranty

      What you'll get:
      • 1 pair of podpoi with flowleashes
      • 1 pair of micro-USB cables 
      • 1 complete user manual & warranty document 

      More options:
      • Add PomGrip knob handles! (All podpoi include swivelled floop handles, and you can attach PomGrips directly to the floop handle.)
      • You can also get a 2-bay wall adaptor for charging to a wall (U.S. & European models available, choose below).

    • Nerd Alert
          • Poi head weight: 115g (weight is distributed towards the end of the poi head)
          • Size: 118mm long and 66mm in diameter (4.6 x 2.6 inches)
          • Leash: Flowleash with swivelled floop handle - the first leash system custom fabricated for poi spinning. Leash is adjustable from the handle end for a custom fit.
          • Material: Silicone rubber shell and polycarbonate light capsule
          • Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion
          • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma
          • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs!


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