Hoopsmith Tools & Parts

Tools & parts for firehoop-smithing.

For the installation of Firehoop Nuts for Screw-in Wicks.
Here is the instructional video on How To Assemble a Firehoop.

  • Firehoop Assembly Kit - Everything you need to install a firehoop nut (wicks & nuts not included)
    • 1 set screw w/ magnet
    • 1 bolt w/ washer
    • 1 hex key
    • 1 drilling template
    (we recommend getting 5 additional bolts)
  • Firehoop Wrench - To include with firehoops & wicks that you sell.  Wicks should not be hand-tightened! 
  • Extra Installation Bolts - For installing multiple nuts at a time.  Each bolt comes with a plastic washer to protect the tubing.
  • Firehoop Connectors - Do not use regular polycarb connectors for firehoops (they can break).  
  • Nut Carrier Tube - A skinny tube with which to feed/ guide the nut into place inside the hoop's tubing.  (alternative to set screw & magnet method)
  • Extra Drilling Template - For drilling centered rivet holes on either side of your wick hole
  • Thread Tester - This is the threaded-end of a firehoop wick with which to test Firehoop Nuts after they have been installed. Choose a manual type or driver type.

Once you've placed an order, if you would like access to the Synergy FlowArts Hoopsmith Tricks & Trade Secrets media gallery, Contact Scott