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Hoopdance Teacher Training - Online with Shakti Sunfire

The Program

Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Certification is a weaving and co-creative course carefully crafted to coax out into center stage your unique teaching power and voice. Choose from an online, at-home guided self-study course, or the next in-person training. Modules are structured to merge metaphorical and physical understanding and application of the 4 main elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, along with insightful, dance-focused hoopdance teaching techniques, and integral mastery of movement from the inside out. Through group and one-on-one process work, we'll dive into beauty and metaphor to help us refine our skills to be empowered leaders and teachers in our communities. 

Course Material

  • How to be an empowered teacher and leader in your community
  • Metaphorical and physical application of the 5 Elements : Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth
  • How to lead non-hoop and hoop related warm-ups
  • Class planning + 10 COMPLETE lesson plans!
  • Experiential anatomy and alignment 
  • Skillful dance-focused trick and technique presentation : Hoopdance Basics
  • Guided meditations and cool-downs
  • How to plan a well-rounded class - lesson planner template included
  • Business basics
  • View live teaching demos from Shakti
  • Get one-on-one time with Shakti and Sweet Caroline- live Q+A sessions

What's Included?

  • Beautiful and thorough 180-page teacher training manual that includes all trick technique, business start-up info, and thematic suggestions for your classes.
  • Seven downloadable audio files
  • Supplementary video of live class demonstrations
  • Email check-ins and response to your personal questions AT ANY TIME during your self-study.
  • A convenient lesson planner
  • Shakti Sunfire's Hoopdance Basics DVD - online format
  • Access to a private facebook forum for teacher trainees during the course and for future support and inspiration

Module One - Space

  • Space Meditation
  • Intention Setting
  • Myth, Metaphor & Imagery
  • Why the Elements?
  • Somatics - Anatomy
  • Space Element Overview
  • Teaching with Space
  • Active Voicing
  • Four Ways of Knowing

Module Two - Air

  • Air Element Somatic Meditation
  • Body As Resource
  • Map of the Elements (overview) and how they relate to teaching
  • Student-Focused Leadership
  • Overview of the Air Element
  • Centering and Warm-Ups
  • Movement Meditations
  • Optimal Alignment
  • Air Element Tricks & Technique

Module Three - Fire

  • Optimal Alignment & Movement Meditation
  • Overview of the Fire Element
  • Money Matters
  • Lesson Plans
  • Lesson Plan Review - Air
  • Wild Mind Map
  • Fire Element Trick & Technique

Module Four - Water

  • Water Meditation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Water Element and Receptivity
  • Types of Hoopdance Offerings
  • Fire Element Lesson Plan Review
  • Dance-Focused Lesson Plan
  • Practice Circuits
  • Water Element Trick & Technique

Module Five - Earth

  • Earth Meditation
  • Overview of the Earth Element
  • Teaching with Earth
  • Earth Element and Ethics
  • Sacred Simplicity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Study Guidelines
  • Lesson Plan - Water Element
  • Cool Down/Closing a Class

Module Six - Alchemy

  • Intro to Alchemy
  • Alchemy Meditation
  • Determining Your Next Steps
  • Business Basics 101
  • Branding 101
  • Marketing 101
  • Resources
  • Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Get started today! Upon checkout you will receive a link and the password for the training portal where you can download the manual, access the videos, and read the lessons. You will also gain access to our Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training page on Facebook for ongoing support and community. 

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