Cateye Prismatic Taped Hoop

  • Made for the stage

    The Synergy Cateye Prismatic Taped Hoop dramatically color shifts as the lighting or your viewpoint changes. The pictures show the Cateye Prismatic tape jobs form several different angles and lighting to show the tapes' brilliant color shifting abilities. Don't miss our heralded Reflective Taped Hoop!

  • Fulfillment Time: 2-10 business days (depending on the order queue)
    Shipping Time: 2-3 days for domestic (U.S.)
    Restocking Fee: 25% (for all custom-made items)
    Shipping Cost: Use shipping calculator in cart

    • Full deco tape wrap.
    • Tubing: Polypro & HDPE are for more intermediate / advanced styles. They are lighter for faster movements. The main difference between the Polypro and HDPE is resistance to low temperatures (polypro may crack if frozen).  There is also a slight difference in rigidity (Polypro is a bit more rigid).  Beginner hoops are larger and heavier in order to slow the hoop for learning the movements.  Mini hoops are under 24" and check out our Bare Hoop for bare, untaped hoops in TONS of color options.
    • Connectors: Our hoops feature polycarbonate push-button connectors so that they can be partially coiled for travel. 
    • Hoop Size & Tubing Size ...are up to you! Send us a message if you need help.
    • 3M Grip Add-on: Add an inside line of high performance silicone grip that will never melt, move, or bubble up.
    • Sectional hoops break apart for easier travel!
    • Available in 1(standard), 3, 4, 5 or 6 sections 

    See our Shipping Info page for details about delivery options, timing, etc.

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