Atomic V Megamix LED Hoop

Atomic V Megamix Hoop

  • It's like having a DJ for your hoop.

    Simply turn it on and enjoy an endless mix of over 100 different patterns.  Patterns continuously layer on top of each other with smooth fades and transitions.  It's like having a DJ for your LED hoop.    

    Our stock Megamix Hoops come in a choice of 4 different sizes.  Choose between 70 LEDs and 140 LEDs.  Note, actual LED count varies by hoop size and ranges from 63 to 78 and 126 to 155.

    • Megamix - Megamixes combine the chaos of randomization with intelligent transitioning to create a unique mix of patterns every time.
    • POVs - 30 POV images included in the mix.
    • More Rainbow - Stunning rainbow color schemes.
    • Comets - Orbit your body with comets.
    • Intelligent battery management - New intelligent power regulation for longer battery life.
    • Removable Battery - When your battery dies, easily pop in another.
    • Precision Balance - Lightweight, counterweighted, and incredibly balanced.

    • 30 or 60 LEDs/m High Definition LEDs!
    • LEDs all the way around the hoop with one 2 inch gap to accommodate the battery.
    • Advanced 16 million color LED circuit, super bright and incredibly durable.
    • Balanced weight for consistent performance.
    • Collapsible for easy travel.
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries deliver the most power with the least amount of weight
    • For your health and the environment, we use only RoHS compliant and lead-free components and solder
    • Workmanship and durability guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Astral Care is insurance that protects your Astral product from the unexpected. It covers any damage not covered by the warranty such as damage from water exposure and tubing breaks. Whether your Astral was left out in the rain, destroyed in a car accident, broken by a drunk guy at the club, or smashed by a jealous boyfriend, Astral Care has you covered. It doesn't matter how badly it's damaged or how it happened, we'll fix or replace it for free.

    Astral Care can be purchased in one year increments and must be purchased within 30 days of your original product purchase. The one year of coverage starts on the date the product was purchased. Astral Care can be renewed annually along with an extended warranty package and must be renewed before the current plan expires.

    Loss or theft is not covered by Astral Care. You must send the product back to us to make a claim under the program. Limit 3 claims per year. Astral Hoops will repair or replace at their discretion. Replacements will be the same size and specs of the broken item and may be refurbished. There is no deductible when making a claim. We'll cover it 100%. You just pay shipping.

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days. 
Shipping may take up to 2-3 weeks if not in stock.