Atomic Evoke LED Smart Hoop 4th Gen.

  • by Astral Hoops

    The Atomic hoop can be seen turning heads and captivating audiences at shows around the world. Hand-built with many years of continual innovation, these Atomic Evoke hoops are the fourth generation Atomic hoop. Take your audience to next level and entrance them with your performance. This hoop was designed with the professional hooper in mind. With 165 modes, you'll find a mode that's just right for any mood or performance. Play with the motion of a simple chaser or rock out with a rainbow sparkle glitter explosion mode. The new Waveforms menu introduces trigonometric motion to the LEDs for a whole new dimension of play to discover.

    • Advanced LED circuit, which is super bright and incredibly durable
    •  Newest 4th gen Evoke design
    • Easy to use menu system
    • The internal components of the hoop (LEDs, microprocessor, batteries, etc..) weigh as little as 3 ounces! Combine this with lightweight Polypropylene tubing, and it just doesn't get any lighter
    • One full-color LED capable of displaying over 16 million colors spaced every 1.35" (single pixel) or 0.66" (double pixel) around the hoop
    • Includes the Evoke's 150 different modes + 15 POV modes! See the Atomic Mode Selection Guide
    • Flush-mounted switches
    • Brightness control to manage intensity and battery life
    • Preset menu to store up to 15 of your favorite modes. Create an easy to access set list for a performance!
    • Scan feature loops through modes in the selected menu or your presets at either a 10 or 30 second interval
    • Balanced weight for consistent performance
    • Collapsible for easy travel
    • Upgradeable for future software updates and advancements
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion and NiMH Batteries that deliver the most power with the least amount of weight, installed in even intervals around the hoop to maintain a perfect balance.
    • Circuit protection built into Li-Ion hoops to protect against overcharging, over-discharging, excess current and voltage, and short circuits, which extends the life of the battery and components
    • 1 Hour smart charger, which plugs directly into the hoop
    • "No rattle" construction using our unique shock-dampening foam
    • For your health and the environment, we use only RoHS compliant and lead free components and solder
    • Sanded for traction if desired
    • Workmanship and durability guaranteed with a One Year Warranty.

  • 5/8" OD Tubing

    • Available in Polypro (more rigid) or HDPE (more flexible)
    • Great for minis and small hoops. Not recommended for hoops 34" and larger
    • There will be two matching 2" breaks in the LED circuit on opposing sides to accommodate components
    • A finished 30" LED hoop will weigh about 8.0 ounces
    • Polypro available in 4 translucent colors, which look great in daylight and don't significantly affect the LEDs at night..Purple, Pink, Blue & Green

    3/4" OD Tubing

    • Available in Polypro (more rigid) or HDPE (more flexible)
    • Most popular tubing size for hoops under 35 inches
    • A finished 33" LED hoop will weigh about 10.5-13 ounces
    • Polypro available in 4 translucent colors, which look great in daylight and don't significantly affect the LEDs at night..Purple, Pink, Blue & Green

    7/8" OD Tubing

    • Available in HDPE only
    • Recommended for hoops 35 inches and larger
    • A finished 38" LED hoop will weigh about 15-17 ounces

  • Create and share your own modes!

    As a member of the creative hoop community, you're now empowered to use your artistic talent to take control over your Atomic modes. No longer will you have just the same standard (yet beautiful) modes as every other Atomic owner. Your Atomic can now be as unique as you are. Design modes with your favorite colors, patterns, and effects. Then share them easily in Astral's Community Gallery. Also, see what other community members have shared in the gallery and load modes you like easily onto your Atomic. You can even modify and build off of modes created by others.

    The Designer Features:
    • Draw modes using our web designer
    • No software to install
    • Works on Windows and Mac computers
    • Share modes in the Community Gallery
    • Load modes from the gallery to your Atomic
    • Modify and build off of modes shared in the gallery
    • Store up to 15 custom modes at a time
    • Run individually or continuously loop though saved custom modes
    • Will work with any 4th Generation Atomic (software update required)
    • Java enabled web browser and Internet connection required

(1-3 week build time)

Build your hoop:

  • Evoke hoops 25" and smaller will receive an automatic $25 refund after checkout. Please allow 3 days for the credit to appear.

LED Pixels
  • Single LED Pixels: spaced every 1.35"
  • Double LED Pixels: spaced every .66" and not available with the 350mAH battery option or 5/8" tubing, except for minis 20" and smaller. Hoops 20" and smaller are automatically double LEDs at no extra charge.
  • 350mAh Ultra Light (0.4oz) Fits in all tubing. 1-2 hours of play time*
  • 1000mAh Medium Weight (1.8oz) For 3/4" and 7/8" tubing. 2-4 hours of play time*
  • 2300mAh Heavy (4oz) For 7/8" tubing only. 5-9 hours of play time*
  • *Actual time varies depending on the size of hoop & mode being used

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