Beginner Hoop

  • New to the Hoop?

    This adult-size hoop is designed specifically with YOU in mind! With 10+ years of experience teaching beginner hoopers, our designs boast sleek fluidity and the perfect weight. The larger 44" and 46" hoops can coil down onto themselves (see picture). 

    Each hoop is hand-wrapped with one layer of shiny mirror tape and one layer of grippy gaffers tape, a cloth tape used to increase traction.

    The bigger the hoop, the slower the momentum will be, making it easier to learn new moves and tricks. Great for core-hooping, fitness, and learning all the moves.  

    • Choose size 42, 44 or 46" (Outside Diameter)
    • Choose your tape colors
    • Smooth and snug connectors with push-buttons for coiling and travel (hoop can be coiled down to almost half it's size)

    Fulfillment Time: 5-10 business days
    Shipping Time: 2-4 days for domestic (U.S.)

  • Hoop size is completely up to personal preference, but if you're a beginner, it's hard to go wrong with a huge hula hoop.  The larger the hoop, the slower it goes around the body ..making it easier to learn the movements. 

    A 42 inch hoop is often a good starting size for people who are "shorter," while a 46 inch hoop may work better for taller folks or people who are not as "in-shape."  If we had to pick just one size for every beginner, it would be in the middle at 44 inches. 

    We've narrowed down the options to help your intuition guide your choice in size. Even shorter people will enjoy spinning a huge hoop. The larger size revolves slower than smaller, lighter hoops, and so, somewhat counterintuitively, all core hooping is much easier with a nice big "gentle giant" hoop.