Daytime Contact Staff

  • Work that thang.

    Perfect for contact movements as well as regular spinning, these staffs come equipped with a perfectly weighted center as well as soft rubber ends for improved durability and safety while you practice. We start with a high-strength, yet light-weight aluminum core and dress it with a satisfyingly tactile high-traction grip.  They feel great in the hand and on the body.  This 'daytime' design will let you refine your skills without the fire element or worrying about sooty wick smudges.

    We recommend that the length of the staff be around "chin height." For thinner tube like 5/8" OD, it is not recommended to go much longer than 5 feet.

    Add Fuzzy Covers and save $2

    • Choose 5/8" OD, 3/4" OD or 7/8" OD Aluminum Rod
    • Ultra cushion textured grip by Gamma
    • Soft yet resilient rubber ends
    • Available in lengths from 4' 6" (54") to 6' (72")
    • Your choice of full mirror tape color
    • Add Fuzzy Covers, save $2

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