PomGrip Poi Handle

  • Upgrade to the illest

    The PomGrip™ is a highly versatile knob style handle. Made from pure silicone, PomGrips are awesome for tosses and are super comfortable, even in the cold. Easily customize the weight of your handle with standard 3/4" washers. Give your poi a true upgrade.

    • Soft, ergonomic outer grip made from silicone.
    • 4 washers per knob included
    • Maximum weight per handle is approx. 10g. 35g with 7 washers.
    • Accepts any rope, cord or cable up to 3/8 inch diameter.
    • Waterproof.

    Glow handles charge under UV light:

    1-5 minutes in the sun
    1-2 minutes under blacklight
    10-30 seconds with a LED UV flashlight

    Great for catches at night

Sold individually (for those who like multi-color)