Synergy Fire Fans

Function meets form.

The perfect blend of strength, ergonomics and beauty.

Like our heralded Firehoop wicks, these wicks are *not* sewn. Sewn wicks always come apart. We fasten our wicks with Stainless Steel wire.. they will stay on till the bitter end! This method of wick assembly has been tried and true for 10+ years, which is why all of the other firehoop manufacturers take cues from our designs. 95% of the wire is under the wick, while the rest is recessed into the wick, preventing accidental burns.

- Durable steel frame
- Lightweight (each fan weighs approximately 15.7 ounces)
- Black electro-coated
- Sturdy kevlar wicks 2" tall x 1.5 wide
- 3.5" center hole, so you can fit your whole hand inside, great for spinning

We think these fans are the ideal blend of form and function. With a myriad of grips to use, we think you'll find these superbly comfortable, while also giving you accessibility & freedom in your flow. 

Add Fan Evolution DVD for excellent instruction on tons of great moves.

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