Ready-Ship 3/4" Polypro Hoop

  • That Classic, Original Size (3/4" OD Polypro)

    The perfect partner for Quick Wicks® or for regular hooping use, these colored polypro hula hoops are built to up your game on all levels.  Made from polypropylene for a lightweight and tight response, it is by far the most popular tubing for intermediate movements.

    These ready-made hoops ship FAST.  

    • 3/4" OD polypropylene tubing
    • All hoops are single piece, bare unless noted otherwise (see codes for variants)
    • Polycarbonate push-button connector(s)
    • In stock and ready to go, these hoops ship within 24 hours after you place your order

    Codes for Variants:

    Sanded (1RSS = Single Racing Stripe)

    Sectional (3PC = 3 piece, 4PC = 4 piece, 5PC = 5 piece, 6PC = 6 piece)

  • Check out our shipping info page for details about turn-around time.

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