The White Connector™

Forget the barbed connectors...

The Synergy White Connector finally solves the age-old problem of how to make a smooth push-button connection for the ubiquitous 3/4" black PE tubing found in most hardware stores (typically used for irrigation).  

Custom-extruded, this epic connector measures 3" long with an outside diameter of approximately 0.82" with which to fit perfectly inside 3/4" black PE tubing (which is not actually 0.75" at all).

Note, because this type of tubing is made out of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), it has a wide extrusion tolerance... meaning, depending on the stars & planets, the connectors might fit tightly, loosely or perfectly.  Tight is fine, perfect is better, but loose is meh.  If the connectors do not work for your black 3/4" PE tubing, you can either source the same tubing from a different location, or you can return the connectors to us for a refund.  There is no restocking fee on this item.

Don't forget your fasteners!

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