Pranam DVD

  • Hoopdance Basics and All-Levels Yoga Flow.

    Join Sianna Sherman and Shakti Sunfire on a journey through the cardinal directions and the four main elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. This 2-disc set features a 75 minute inspirational yoga flow with Sianna and a 75 minute beginner Radiant Hoopdance lesson with Shakti. Each instructional practice is thematically crafted to facilitate an inner attunement with the elements for both men and women. A special bonus track features uplifting footage in the majesty of the natural world as we invite you to dive into embodied ritual.

    • A complete and inspiring 75 minute yoga flow with Sianna
    • A beginner Radiant Hoopdance lesson with Shakti
    • An inspirational video
    • Heartwarming and applicable theming rooted in the World traditions
    • Musical contributions by some of the top names in world music

  • Yoga with Sianna - is an artful fusion of heart, Universal Principles of Alignment and Tantric philosophical vision that affirms embodiment as vibrating consciousness and sacred play. Sianna teaches with creative sequencing in deep attunement with the pulsation and rhythm of the natural world.

    Radiant Hoopdance  - is a fluid dance movement that is spiraling into the hearts and bodies of people all over the world. Shakti describes it as a ‘tuning in’ - a playful experience that inspires radical self-acceptance and great freedom. Mimicking patterns present in nature, we simply fall back into original movement, as it is happening from inside out. We ride on the breath of spontaneity and discovery as we carve new movement pathways, free stuck energy, and delight in the challenge of new. Benefits include:

    • Heightened body awareness
    • Profound joy and connection
    • Release stagnant energy
    • Whole body massage
    • Strengthening and toning
    • Self affirmation and empowerment